How to Custom Mount a Front License Plate on a Tesla Model S Without Drilling the Bumper?

April 19, 2024

Custom mounting a front license plate on your Tesla Model S without drilling holes into the bumper is an easy task with the right accessories and guidance. This process allows you to comply with local license plate display regulations without compromising the vehicle’s sleek design and structure. This article will guide you on how to accomplish this task using various mounting options such as a bracket, adhesive, tow hook, and the increasingly popular snap plate.

A Look at Different Mounting Options

Before we dive into the process of installation, let’s look at the various options at your disposal for mounting a front license plate without drilling into the bumper of your Tesla Model S.

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Tesla’s Official License Plate Bracket

Tesla provides a front license plate bracket model for every vehicle they manufacture. This bracket uses 3M adhesive to stick to the front bumper. It is a straightforward solution that doesn’t necessitate any drilling, but it does adhere permanently to the vehicle’s front bumper.

Tow Hook License Plate Bracket

The tow hook license plate bracket is a popular choice among those who want an easy installation process with zero permanent alterations to their vehicle. The mounting system makes use of the existing tow hook hole on the front of your Tesla Model S.

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SnapPlate Removable Front License Plate Bracket

The SnapPlate is a unique model that has gained traction in recent years. As the name suggests, it snaps into place in the grill of your Tesla Model S and allows for easy removal when not needed, such as during a car wash or a car show. It is quick, simple, and doesn’t leave any lasting marks on your vehicle.

Adhesive License Plate Mount

An adhesive license plate mount is another option for those not keen on drilling holes. It uses automotive-grade adhesive to mount the plate onto the front bumper securely.

Installing the Tesla Official License Plate Bracket

This section will guide you on installing the Tesla official license plate bracket. This model uses adhesive to stick to the front bumper and comes with your Tesla Model S purchase. To install this bracket, you’ll need the bracket itself, a vehicle cleaning solution, and a dry cloth.

Start by cleaning the area where the bracket will be mounted using a cleaning solution and a dry cloth. It’s important to ensure the surface is free of dirt, dust, or any other substances that might interfere with the adhesive.

Next, peel off the backing from the adhesive on the bracket and carefully align it on the front bumper. Press firmly once you’re satisfied with its position. Hold the bracket in place for a few minutes to ensure the adhesive bonds securely.

Mounting the Tow Hook License Plate Bracket

The tow hook license plate bracket is a simple and effective solution that doesn’t require any drilling or adhesive. It uses the existing tow hook hole on the Tesla Model S to securely mount your license plate.

To install, screw the license plate bracket into the tow hook hole and tighten until secure. Most models are adjustable, allowing you to decide the exact position and angle of your license plate.

Setting Up the SnapPlate License Plate

SnapPlate offers a unique solution: a removable front license plate bracket. It is designed to snap into place in the grill of your Tesla Model S.

To install, simply align the SnapPlate with the grill and gently push until it snaps into place. When you want to remove it, press the release tabs, and it will easily come off.

Using an Adhesive License Plate Mount

Adhesive license plate mounts use automotive-grade adhesive to secure the plate onto the front bumper. The installation process is similar to the Tesla official license plate bracket. Make sure to clean your bumper thoroughly before applying the mount to ensure a secure bond.

Remember, regardless of the model of bracket or mount you choose, it’s important to ensure that your license plate is secure and clearly visible. Regularly check to ensure that the plate and mount are in good condition.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning that while this article focuses on the Tesla Model S, these ways of mounting a front license plate can be used on other vehicles as well. The need for custom mounting arises from the desire to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle while adhering to legal requirements.

Join a Tesla owners’ group or forum to learn more about customizing your vehicle, including wheels, accessories, and license plates. These platforms often share valuable tips and experiences to help you get the most out of your Tesla.

The Importance of Secure Installation and Regular Checks

Secure installation of your front license plate is crucial in maintaining its visibility and compliance with legal requirements. Regardless of the type of mount or bracket you choose, it should be affixed properly to ensure the plate is secure and clearly visible at all times. Operating a vehicle without a clearly visible front license plate can result in fines or other penalties, depending on local regulations.

When installing a license plate with adhesives, such as with the Tesla official license plate bracket or an adhesive license plate mount, remember to first clean the area of the front bumper thoroughly. This will ensure that the high strength, automotive-grade adhesive can create a secure bond with the vehicle’s surface.

If you choose to use a tow hook bracket, make certain that the bracket is screwed securely into the tow hook hole. A loose or improperly installed bracket may lead to the license plate falling off during driving, which can be dangerous for other road users.

For the SnapPlate or other removable models, remember to check frequently that the plate is securely snapped into place. Regularly pressing the release tabs and removing the plate can, over time, wear out the mechanism, leading to a less secure fit.

Remember to use stainless steel or similarly durable materials for your license plates and mounting hardware. These materials can withstand the elements and resist rust, ensuring both longevity and continued visibility.

Conclusion: Achieving Aesthetics Without Compromising On Legal Requirements

Custom mounting a front license plate on a Tesla Model S without drilling holes into the bumper is a straightforward task with the right tools and guidance. The various options available provide flexibility in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle while complying with legal requirements.

Whether you choose the official Tesla license plate bracket, a tow hook bracket, a SnapPlate, or an adhesive license plate mount, each has its advantages and can securely hold your front license plate without requiring drilling into your Tesla’s front bumper.

Remember to conduct regular checks to ensure both the security of your license plate and the condition of the mount or bracket. More than simply an aesthetic choice, a securely mounted front plate is a legal necessity.

Driving a Tesla Model S or any other vehicle does not exempt one from the need to display a front license plate in many jurisdictions. However, with the options detailed in this article, you can easily install a front plate without altering the original design of your vehicle or drilling holes into the bumper.

The Tesla community is a great resource for finding more information and tips about customizing your car, including license plate mounting, accessories, and more. Join an owners’ group or forum and you’ll find a wealth of knowledge shared by fellow Tesla owners.